Why choose us ?

You would save time and gain in efficiency, thus ensuring a good investment and saving money.

We, your partners, know all the boroughs and quarters of the greater part of “Île de France”, along with the particularities of each municipality, district or street.

Whatever sales channel is used (agencies, individuals, developers, etc.), we will conduct visits on your behalf – and a single purchase may imply several dozen visits!

As your partners, we will be seeking property in an independent way, as if it were for us; we have no property to sell, we only act as your representatives.

We will act as an objective adviser on all aspects of the property, according to your wishes : market price, estate location and overall condition, etc. We will be a counselor, allways close and available for you.

We commit ourselves not to process more than tree/four clients at a time, in order to secure your satisfaction, since our customers are the specifiers of our future prospects.